2014 Research Collaborators

Our team of visualization mentors and collaborators reflect the broad range of topics and research areas with visualization needs. Research projects are drawn from scientific and academic fields. Projects with visualization components range from scientific visualization for models and data, to visualization of information for analysis, synthesis and understanding of societal activities. This broad range of topics speaks to the interdisciplinary nature of visualization and to the level of interest in participating departments across Clemson.

Alex Feltus Stephen Moysey Catherine Mobley Supra Sarupria Andrew Tennyson David White Jason Thatcher
Jason Hallstrom Steve Stuart Gabriel Hankins Melissa Vogel Saara DeWalt Matthew Boyer Melissa Smith

   Research Collaborator    Research Area
Alex Feltus Genetics and Biochemistry
Stephen Moysey Geophysics
Catherine Mobley Sociology
Sapna Sarupria Molecular Modeling and Simulation
Saara DeWalt Plant Population and Community Ecology
Andrew Tennyson Inorganic Chemistry
David White Parks Recreation Tourism Management
Jason Thatcher Social media, social media listening, social networks,
management of information systems
Jason Hallstrom Computer Science
Steve Stuart Physical Chemistry
Gabriel Hankins Digital Humanities
Melissa Vogel Anthropology and Sociology
Saara DeWalt Biological Sciences
Matthew Boyer School of Education
Melissa Smith Electrical and Computer Engineering

REU Funded by NSF ACI Award 1359223

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