About Us

We are the Advanced Visualization Division.

Our mission is to help researchers gain keen insight into complex data sets by equipping them with tools and resources to visualize the expected and discover the unexpected in their data. We aim to develop and maintain a mechanism to advance knowledge about visualization techniques and cyberinfrastructure resources to further advance scholarly activity.

What we do

  • Provide visualization solutions for a wide range of data sets in a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment;
  • Visualization infrastructure setup and consultation;
  • Visualization training, workshops and support;
  • Explore novel technologies in areas of visualization that includes 3D virtual environments, interactive data visualization, visual analytics, information and scientific visualization.
  • Pursue grant opportunities to expand visualization capacity (platforms and services) and applications


  • Director of Visualization: Wole Oyekoya, PhD
  • Technical Advisor: Ruben Canlas
  • Graduate Assistant
    • Mehrdad Yousefi
  • Visualization Interns
    • Madison Maddox
    • Andrew Hunter
    • Gray Jackson
    • Jacovia Cherry (REU Student)
    • Joseph James (REU Assistant)


  • Barry Tucker, Visualization Intern, Fall 2015 – Spring 2017
  • Jamar Robinson, Graduate Assistant, Fall 2016/Spring 2017
  • Cori Nuttall, Intern, Spring 2017
  • Emily Sassard, Intern, Summer 2016, Fall 2016
  • Le Liu, Graduate Assistant, Fall 2016/Spring 2017
  • Zachariah Inks, Graduate Assistant, Summer 2016/Fall 2016
  • David Brickler, Graduate Assistant, Summer 2016/Fall 2016
  • Tiana Johnson, Intern, Summer 2016/Spring 2017
  • Christian Brumme, Intern, Summer 2016
  • Parker Van Sickle, Intern, Fall 2015/Spring 2016
  • Mitchell Rainsford, Intern, Fall 2015/Spring 2016/Fall 2016
  • Caroline Hollar, Intern, Spring 2015/Spring 2016
  • Vetria Byrd (Director of Visualization, May 2011 – August 2015)
  • Joseph McDavid (Intern, Spring 2014/Fall 2013)
  • Christian Weeks (Intern, Spring 2014)
  • Drishti Gupta (Intern, Spring 2014)
  • Isiah Hamilton (Intern, Summer 2013)
  • William Collins (Intern, Summer 2013/REU Student)
  • Tiffany Verkaik (Intern, Summer 2013)
  • Sanya Gulati (Intern, Spring 2013)
  • Chanyang Park (Intern, Spring 2013)